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petition for orange is the new black musical with cast version of you’ve got time as the opening number


The best photo and caption I have ever seen.


A$ap and Cara


sorry for the bad quality but idk what happened when i saved my edit :c

Ringrazio othersideofthemoonsea per avermi nominato ml ♡ e da ora scriverò tutto in inglese perchè i blog che devo nominare sono la maggior parte stranieri ):

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1)I play the guitar since some months, and since a few days i named her Amy. 2)I have too many crushes, who are both girls and boys even if i’m straight lmao 3)I’m in love with Lady Gaga since 2008 i’m like addicted to her and this year and i’m gonna see her live for the first time yayyy 4)I study languages, for now i can “speak” english, german, spanish and a little bit of russian. 5)I love english so much, sometimes i wish i was born in the USA, i hope that one day i’ll visit america, this is one of my dreams. Bye I’m done. I nominate pawsup4monster perdvitio aphroditexgaga littlehookerofgaga una-ragazza-acida-ma-dolce and i also nominate these blogs that are awesome(i know they aren’t my followers but they’re my favourites) amywinehousedevotee fuckyeahtune fallenforminaj lanafan littlebarbiemonsters